The Audrey: The Daughter, Not The Bag

We recently chatted with Audrey, Cindy Kirk's oldest daughter. Having watched her mom start her business from the ground up, she couldn't be more proud. Read below for Audrey's thoughts on her mom's flourishing business, as well as her current favorite CKD bag. 

1. What have you loved most about watching your moms company grow?I've loved seeing her take ownership and pride over what she has built. She has worked so hard, and it's so amazing to see the fruits of her labor pay off!  
2. Clearly, you were around when she had her clothing line for kids, what were your favorite parts of that — even at a young age? My favorite part was wearing the dresses! And, I loved that if there was a dress or other article of clothing I wanted, she could just whip it up.  
3. Do you ever play around with stitching, or remotely think about helping her?
I only travel home once, maybe twice, a year... so, not really. We're really lucky to have grown up in a resort town where people vacation, so when I do get to go home, I like to take advantage of being outside and doing exciting things with my family. She's also really good about time management, giving her the ability to spend time with my sister and me (instead of working all day!).  
4. What is your favorite bag?
Oh gosh, that's a really tough one. It totally depends on my mood, my outfit, the season, or where I'm going. That said, I'm loving the black woven JAM right now. It can hold all my things for work and still has room for a few other essentials. The woven detail is so gorgeous, and I always get compliments!  
5. We know there is the Audrey, your name sake. Did you help design that bag? Actually, I didn't! I love a big bag because I'm always carrying so much stuff. The Betty was my standard go-to, and then I think the Audrey was a spin-off. I have the original sample that she made of it, and I adore it.
6. If there was anything else you’d like to see your mom make what would it be? 
I love that she's sticking to bags and iterating off the styles that have been successful in the marketplace. She's staying small and authentic, which I appreciate and admire. I think that's one of her biggest strengths. 
7. Any other notes to add?I'm just so proud of her! She started this company after I left the house and went to college, so it's been really awesome to see her career take off as I've been starting mine.