Meet Our Model: Dylan Peterson

Yes, you have that correctly. Dylan is the daughter of Larsen, our very talented seamstress. Dylan is a year-round badass chick. We hope that you enjoy getting to know her a bit more below!

1.  What brought you back to Sun Valley? — elaborate about growing up here and how after college you’ve come back.

Skiing and family are the two main forces that brought me back to the Valley. Growing up here, I spent most of my time outdoors. Once I graduated high school and moved out of town, I quickly realized there was no place like the Wood River Valley. It didn’t take long for me to make the move back home to pursue a life/career in the mountains.  

2.  What is your background in?  

I am a commercial fisherwoman. I’ve spent most of my life dedicating my summers to salmon fishing in Alaska. Doing so allows me to ski all winter. My siblings and I now own and operate our family’s fishing boat.

3.  How did you and Cindy meet? 

Age-wise, I am slightly older than Cindy’s youngest daughter and slightly younger than her eldest. Because of that, I’ve known her family for quite some time.  

4.  What got you into modeling and all of the other badass activities that you do?

I began modeling as a kid for catalogs like L.L. Bean, as well as modeled for occasional stock photo shoots. I attempted to sign with an agency when I was 15. However, when they told me I would miss my state hockey tournament for a shoot, I walked away. Growing up in the Valley, it’s common to get involved in every activity available — which obviously leads to a busy schedule. My main activities have always been skiing, hockey, dance, mountain biking, and golf.

5.  What is your favorite bag?

Right now, my favorite is the McKenna. I use mine every day. It can fit a plethora of items — from notebooks and laptops — to beach necessities or ski gear. It fits my active, on-the-go lifestyle really well. 

6.  What have been your biggest challenges and successes? 

School has never been my strong suit. While I achieved great grades, I never enjoyed my classes and rarely fully absorbed the lessons. Once I discovered backcountry courses and wilderness medicine courses, I discovered my passions. I’ve been pursuing a career in the backcountry ever since.

7.  What do you do in your time off (I.e. being a badass in the backcountry, fishing, etc)?  

In the winter, I spend most of my free time skiing/exploring the Idaho backcountry. During the spring and fall, I try to ride my mountain bike as much as possible. I basically just try to get outside as often as I can. The outdoors are always calling.

8.  What else would you love to share about your background and time with CK? 

It has been a blast to work with CK. It’s always a great time and such an easy work environment. Watching the designs grow and change over the years has been one of my favorite things to see.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know Dylan a bit more. If you have any questions for her, shoot us a message and we’ll pass along.