Get to Know Larsen Peterson, My Go-To Gal!

We hope that you enjoy this little Q & A article with Larsen. Larsen is truly my go-to gal when it comes to production for CK handbags. She’s creative, adventurous, and genuine.

1.  What brought you to Sun Valley? 

I’m proud to say that I was born and raised in Sun Valley! Although my parents divorced when I was five, I always spent my summers here with my dad. And despite traveling and moving when I was younger, I officially came back to the Valley in 1993. SV will forever feel like home.  

2.  What is your professional background in?

Larsen Peterson, CK Go-To

By trade, I am a birth doula. I was the coordinator of childbirth education at St. Luke’s Hospital for 15 years, but I now have my own business, 5B Doula. Today, people hire me to be a “coach” — a person who is informative of the birth process, can educate on birth, and is a physical coach throughout the entire process. To date, I have delivered over 500 babies (mostly in the Wood River Valley).

I was inspired to be a birth doula after my first pregnancy and birth. I thought the entire experience was simply the most incredible, life-giving process. I’ve always approached birth in a positive light (thanks in part to my mom and sister), but most women are scared; there is a lot of fear surrounding birth, but I help women embrace the challenge. I’ve always dreamt of a career that involved working with my hands, and being a doula allows me to do just that. It is empowering, creative, and rewarding.

3.  How did you meet Cindy?

I knew Cindy as an acquaintance for many years — after all, my brother is neighbors with Cindy. I’ve always admired her sewing skills and children's clothing line. Although I was never one to look in “help wanted” ads in the Mt. Express, I happened to come across an ad about hand stitching. I immediately knew this would bode well with my job as a doula. One month later, I was hired. I’ve been on Cindy’s team ever since.

4.  What got you into sewing / what is your sewing background?

Ironically, I don’t have formal sewing training. I grew up with hand-me-downs or clothes that didn’t fit well, so I spent time altering my own clothes / making clothes. When my kids were younger, I made a majority of their clothes. I’ve also been quilting for as long as I can remember. 

5.  What is one of your favorite parts of working / designing with Cindy?

Cindy is so easy to work with; she’s also creative, inspiring, and we constantly seem to be on the same page (it makes working together very fluid). Cindy is extremely talented, and I am thankful to have learned a lot from her. Her energy and positivity are contagious.

6.  What is your favorite CKD bag?

I enjoy sewing the bigger bags. Right now, my favorite bag is a new addition to CKD, which will be coming out soon (a tote). That said, my favorite bag is always changing. Cindy’s designs keep me on my toes! Originally though, my favorite was the 747. Additionally, I was able to design a wallet for CKD, called the Larsen — mainly because I couldn’t find a wallet I liked! 

7.  What have been your biggest challenges and successes?

Thankfully, this job hasn’t come with many challenges. Cindy and I communicate transparently, so we’re able to work though challenges before they bubble over. We work very well as a team, especially on the creation side of the business. In terms of successes, I’ve loved watching everything come together and witnessing CKD grow. It’s so fun to be a part of this company! The work never stops, but we find enjoyment every day.

8.  What do you do during your time off (i.e. being a badass in the backcountry)?

Larsen Peterson Skiing

During my time off, I get outside. Summers are for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, etc., and in the winter, I’m skiing and touring. I also love spending time with my kids. Being in the fashion industry, it's hard to work out of a small town in Idaho, but we make it work. We find time for our outdoor activities every day! Speaking of outdoor activities, Idaho is home to an abundance of beauty. Between the wilderness, seasons, and landscape, living in Idaho is so wonderful. Plus, having the change of seasons also makes prepping seasonal CKD bags a lot of fun.

9.  What else would you love to share about your background and time with CKD?

I feel so fortunate to be able to live here and work with Cindy — it allows me to pursue creativity and balance in my life. An added bonus is being able to make some money while doing it! Having jobs that I love (between CK and being a birth doula) fills me with immense gratitude. Quality of life is so important to me.