The apple doesn't fall far from the tree — my oldest daughter, Audrey, loves to carry a spacious bag. For years, she's adored the Betty; it's the largest bag from my collection, and it has enough volume to fit all of her essentials (including a small clutch). It's an all-time best seller.


While Audrey has always carried the Betty, it was time for something new. Et voilà, the Audrey was born. I wanted to create a unique yet functional tote, so fitting the different angles was a design challenge. Many hours later, everything came together. The Audrey is large enough to fit a computer yet practical enough to carry every day. As with most of my bags, there's one exterior pocket to hold your phone, keys, headphones, etc. Plus, one of the most beautiful features is the smooth curve along the top edge and the slight flare on the ends. The Audrey has it all. 


Whether you're a student, a post-grad, or a mom on the go, you'll love the Audrey! To grab your own, head to our shopping page. Happy shopping!