Our Newest Bag and Oldest Friend; The Souchi

We are so excited to announce the release of our newest bag, the Souchi. This bag was inspired by — and created for — a dear friend, Suzi. She’s the talented, passionate owner of Souchi. Ultimately, we co-created a bag for her to tote around, but we also knew her clientele in Aspen and Chicago would love the bag as well.

The idea for the Souchi was born out of necessity. Suzi reached out before a trip to New York City, mentioning that she needed a bag that wasn’t too big or heavy nor too small and impractical. She wanted a bag with functionality but without unnecessary bells and whistles; also, the bag needed to be easy to carry. Suzi’s inspiration sent Cindy to the drawing board. Putting her best work to the test, Cindy created Suzi’s ultimate bag — a backpack that could fit everything from a water bottle, to files, to a small travel clutch, and an iPad. She also designed two sizes: the larger bag is ideal for travel and the smaller bag is perfect for day-to-day outings. You can take a look and order the Souchi here.


It wasn’t a coincidence that Suzi (Souchi) Johnston and Cindy met and became close friends. As like-minded entrepreneurs with a passion for design, they are mentors for one another. Suzi started knitting her own sweaters and opened her first boutique in Portland, Oregon, and eventually she moved her shop to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen has been a thriving location for Souchi, thanks to the resort-esque, year round travel, and fashionable women who frequent her store.

Suzi eventually opened another shop in Chicago, Illinois, and this is where she began to wholesale her items to other boutiques. While this was a thriving endeavor to begin with, she ultimately decided to reevaluate her strategy and streamline efforts to her Aspen location. At Souchi, you will find an eclectic mix of clothes, bags, and accessories, including handbags from the one and only, Cindy Kirk Designs. Suzi is continually pushing Cindy’s creative edge, encouraging her to always think outside of the box.

As the first boutique to carry CKD’s bags for retail, Cindy is grateful for her business partnership and friendship with Suzi — the two are quite the dynamic duo. To learn more about the Souchi boutique, click here.

Happy shopping and happy May!