2018 Vision

One of my primary goals for 2017 was to be accepted and exhibit in a trade show in NYC during Fashion Week.  I accomplished this by attending Capsule in September 2017 and have just returned from my second show, Designers & Agents!  Through the years, I have been encouraged to participate in trade shows because they tend to ‘get your name out there.’  While it does ‘get you out there’ they are also very costly and all consuming, both physically and mentally!  This has been a great exercise for me to stretch myself and step out of my comfort zone.  (Always a good thing even though scary at this age!)  The process has been very enlightening and has reaffirmed my mission and goals! 

What I learned last week is that I am on the right track in keeping my production small and personal.  I want to continue working with boutique owners who understand the uniqueness and quality of my product.  With that being said, it is still abundantly apparent that I must also increase my online presence.  Simply having a handful of brick and mortar stores is no longer enough to continue to grow.  The customer wants CK at her disposal at all hours of the day!  Therefore, I am putting significant time and resources into my online presence  . . . I sincerely hope that you will appreciate, and even enjoy seeing my line on your screen . . . I am so grateful for each one of my customers and boutiques . . . .

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