Getting to Know Cindy -- Round 2

1. What are some of your current seasonal favorites (in your home, hides, foods, to-do’s, etc.)? Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s an opportunity to push my reset button. Thing start slowing down as the days get shorter. The cooler temps mean there are less people in town, the trails are quieter (less dusty!), and we get to sit by the fire in the evenings — my very favorite part of the day. Oh, I love that cozy feeling. Along those lines, while it’s sometimes a mental challenge, I look forward to pulling my winter clothes out and rotating my closet. It’s jeans and sweater season. Nothing like pulling on a great pair of boots to go with my outfit. Inevitably, this rolls me right into darker, more rich-colored hides. I have been testing out (and LOVING) my new bags with fringe. They make me smile and seem to do a little dance as I walk.   

2. Where do you get your current inspiration from — for designs, etc.? Lately, a majority of my inspiration has come from my customers and their needs. For instance, I just had a loyal customer who loved the Rose but did not love the cross-body strap. It has taken me many years (and some humility) to really listen to my customers. Eventually, I modified the strap for her. She loves it as much as I do! It had never occurred to me to change the strap, but it is a real winner now.

3. What should our followers know about our spring line? Spring can be a challenge to get the colors right, so I always kind of hold my breath. SS19 will include my classics, along with a couple splashes of bright color and fringe — of course! I hope my SS19 line will make my customers feel joyful.

4. Bucket list travel destinations? In all honesty, I don’t really have a travel bucket list! Because my husband, George, loves to travel, I have been so fortunate to visit unforgettable, beautiful, and unique places around the world. That said, our 30th wedding anniversary is in January, so we have a couple of fun trips planned for the year. First off, we are renting a catamaran in the Bahamas and will be “bare boating” with another couple. We are all really excited for this adventure. In July, we will float the Middle Fork of the Salmon. This should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. It is the absolute best escape!

5. Go-to bag color for day-to-day? I was just visiting Audrey (one of my daughters) in San Francisco and carried the Jackie in cayenne. It felt so good to use this bag while traveling. It even fit my computer — although snugly — so I used it as a carry on as well.

6. Tip for being the “cool” mom? Ha, but am I cool? I always try not to overreact to anything the girls tell me or that I hear. Over time, I think this has helped me earn their trust. I am a big believer in talking things out in a way that helps them feel safe and not judged. While at times I may be shocked at what I hear, I try my best to stay calm and collected. Trust me, sometimes this is a real challenge! Actually, I think sometimes the girls and their friends think I’m cooler than I truly am…simply because I like to wear current trends and am not afraid of them. I.e. silver boots!  :)